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Meet Brandé Elise
TV/Event Host + Voiceover Artist

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Brande Elise VO Demo - Brande Elise
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Known by her distinct voice, signature short haircut and her contagious energy, Brandé Elise is a Voiceover Artist and Host that audiences love and trust. 

She has offered her voiceover talents to premiere clients like Lyft, Publix, New York Times, and PepsiCo. As a host, she has become the voice of Atlanta with her work with the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau. She has also worked with recognizable brands like BET, Lexus, allblk, Bravo, T-Mobile, and National Geographic.  

Throughout her 10 year entertainment career, Brandé Elise has hosted in-person live events and on-camera shows, voiced commercials and animations, appeared in music videos and even founded a CBD company, Unoia. She resides in Atlanta with her fiancé and three dogs.

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